You’ve seen it, haven’t you? The church where the pastor is working 24/7, dealing with negative church members, making hospital visits, responding to emergencies, and attending meetings; ultimately draining him or herself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. This is not healthy and it isn’t the way the Church is supposed to function. It is not.. read more →

04 Jan 2014
January 4, 2014

I Blew It!


Last weekend we attended a family gathering.  Before lunch, my “uncle-in-law” and I were asked if one of us would pray.  I said I’d rather he did, and he thought I should.  In the end, we ended up doing a unison prayer together that everyone knew.  That was ok, but my response bothered me. Why.. read more →

What are your committees/ministry teams up to these days? Are they acting as part of your church’s overall vision & strategy? I’ve been in so many committee meetings in my church life that pretty much ended up with me saying “What on Earth did I even show up for?”  Can you relate?  Don’t get me.. read more →