The current global pandemic has brought up many questions about the possibilities of online social connections. While the damage from COVID-19 is tragic and unfortunate, the pandemic has in many ways acted as a catalyst for churches to expand their congregations and refine their use of technology. Using technology can really benefit your congregation. Opportunities.. read more →

Many churches are currently struggling with COVID-19 because members can’t attend worship, small groups, and meetings. You may be worried that they’ll lose connection with your community—or even their faith. Luckily, we can use technology to remain in contact with each other and even worship together. Worship Together Remember that you don’t need to meet.. read more →

If we surveyed America, we would discover that somewhere around 80% of Americans say they are Christian. 80%! And yet, only about 25% of Americans will worship at some time this weekend. What does it meant to say that we are Christian? Does it really mean something … or is it a nice catch phrase?.. read more →

06 Aug 2013
August 6, 2013

Be in it, But not of it

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Start doing the right things and stop doing the wrong things—that’s what it means to follow Jesus, right? Or what if we have it all turned around? We just need the church to stop doing church, and start being the Church … It is Christians being Christians, in a lost and broken world … Are.. read more →