The current global pandemic has brought up many questions about the possibilities of online social connections. While the damage from COVID-19 is tragic and unfortunate, the pandemic has in many ways acted as a catalyst for churches to expand their congregations and refine their use of technology. Using technology can really benefit your congregation.


The benefits of digital churches are numerous. In many cases, digital churches offer easy access for people with physical or mental difficulties, as well as a safe space for people who might not always feel welcome in a traditional church setting. Digital churches also offer the benefits of greater comfort and flexibility. Additionally, there are many opportunities for using multiple types of media when holding digital church services.

Some digital churches have benefited greatly through using live chat and live prayer functions in their online meeting platforms. This can improve the ease of communication and connection within your congregation.


Although you might have to use different strategies when connecting with people online, there are still many ways in which you can make your message available online. There are some experience strategies that businesses are using in order to retain customers that can be applied to the church as well. For example, many businesses utilize social media platforms to connect with their customers. Social media is a great way to expand the reach of your message and connect with people more personally and help you grow your digital flock.

Build Relationships

A healthy congregation thrives and grows through strong relationships. Just because you may not be meeting in person as often as you used to doesn’t mean that you can’t build good relationships with your congregation. Get creative in using technology to connect with the members of your church. You could set up an online chat room, text message thread, or Facebook group. Utilizing technology to create and maintain a strong sense of community in your congregation will help your digital flock. The more welcome and safe people feel, the longer they will stay.

The physical limitations put in place due to COVID-19 do not necessarily mean that your church has to stop growing. As you get creative, you can find free tools to grow your digital flock both during this time of global crisis, and long after it’s over. Your church can emerge from this even stronger and more connected than it was before.

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